X2 Products have previously been involved within the eSports space, sponsoring other eSports teams and now with eSports becoming a booming business, X2 hope to get traction back on rival companies who have invested heavily in the scene.

Stallion Gaming eSports hopes that this partnership will be a blossoming relationship between the two companies.
After entering the UK eSports scene with 2 new competitive teams in #PUBG and #CSGO which are set to be confirmed in January Stallion Gaming eSports hopes the year 2018 will be the year of the Stallion.

Stallion Gaming was founded in July 2017 and has since seen its fan base grow and grow every day and along with the new announcements of other partnerships and affiliates, we hope that this fan continues to grow.

Stallion Gaming eSports will see X2 Products provide them with peripherals and other merchandise that will aid the growth of Stallion Gaming eSports.

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