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Stallion Gaming recently rebranded and unveiled a redesigned website, logo and colour scheme. Since our opening, we have always been known for our blue, white and orange. With this rebranding, Stallion Gaming is pushing forward and through the amateur esports scene hoping to make a big name for itself. We hope with the new colours and new look logo that this image helps us become a household brand and something that people are willing to invest in.

We’ve tried to keep the logo as close to our old as possible so we don’t lose our complete look and we’ve also done the same with apparel designs which we’re hoping to be released in March 2018.
Stallion Gaming’s repositioning is led by the addition of a new website that displays our current teams, player bio’s and upcoming matches.

The redesigned Stallion Gaming logo and website showcases a fresh look for the company and utilizes a responsive and easy-to-navigate design. “Stallion Gaming has become well known within the PUBG esports scene, and now we’re hoping to bring in more teams to help us get our name out there even more,” said Scott Apter, Stallion Gaming CEO. “Stallion Gaming is known for the quality and depth of its player database. Our rebranding brings that front and centre.”

You can also connect with Stallion Gaming on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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