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We would like to announce that we have our first CS: GO team, which has a wide variety of skills; and which we are all excited to see perform in ESEA this season.

Since the team’s transition to Global Offensive in the winter of 2018, #StallionCSGO.

CS: GO has been the golden idol in what greatness means in Counter-Strike; the case study for success whose trophy-laden legacy eclipses all elite teams.
#StallionCSGO starts the season with promotion to the ESEA Main EU Division which will see them compete against some of the top EU teams that CSGO has the chance to offer. We’re seeing this team compete in Gfinity and other notable tournaments coming up this year and we expect them to achieve big results of the organisation.


ESL CS:GO 5on5 Major League Spring 2018 Europe Qualifiers
ESL CS:GO 5on5 Major League Winter 2017 Playoffs Europe
ESL CS:GO 5on5 Major League Winter 2017 Europe

CEVO intermediate Season 13
Gfinity CS:GO Winter Series 2018
ESL CS:GO 5on5 Major League Winter 2017 Europe
Infinity Esport Masters 2017 Summer TOP 4
Asus Rog Masters 2017 Summer top 3

Stallion Gaming – #StallionCSGO Roster

  • Kornél “Arbey” Holecz
  • Tamás “spacii” Spaczér
  • Szakács “Diablo” Marcell
  • Rudolf “rud111” Putz
  • Dávid “HegeBeast” Hegedus
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